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Think you’re ready to head out on your own as a consultant? Your first step should be to talk with Cathy Perme. She’ll help you think deeply about your motivation and decide consulting is for you. If it is, welcome to the hardest work that you will love to do!

Collect insights on how to position yourself in the market, sell your serices, collaborate with others, and balance your work and personal life — all of which are essential to a successful, long-term career.

Getting Started

Is consulting a good fit for you? Start with your answers to some insightful questions.

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Selling with Integrity

Learn to sell yourself and your skills with confidence and honestly.

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Collaboration Tips

Network with other consultants who can enhance your range of services.

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Managing Your Work & Workload

To avoid burn-out, consultants must to structure their business and set boundaries.

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Simply send an email or call 952-831-4131 in the United States. Cathy will follow up with you within 48 hours to answer your questions and schedule your next step as appropriate.

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