The Road to Consultant Services

Getting Started

Is consulting a good fit for you?

Do you wonder if you could make it as an independent consultant? Or what you might offer that people would buy? Through one-on-one coaching, Cathy will lead you to thoughtfully consider the advantages and disadvantages of a consulting life, what you might sell, and what you need to do before quitting your day job so that you can make an informed decision for yourself.   

By the end of our work together, you will have assessed your own appetite for the consulting life, identified what you will sell, and put a plan in place to get organized and kick off your consulting business.

Virtual or in-person consultations on YOUR terms


  1. Clarify the realities of a consulting life, especially starting your own consulting business.
  2. Find your “Fizz” – what you are really good at, love to do, and what people will buy.
  3. Create a plan to get started, including:
    1. What you need to do to set up your business.
    2. What kind of marketing you can start now to establish your brand.
    3. How to plan for cashflow issues.
    4. Actually taking the leap – what you may find as the day draws near!

What You Get

  • A Methodic Approach
    You will get a step-by-step practical guide on how to succeed, as well as coaching that challenges you to think deeply about your motivation and experience, and decide if consulting is for you.
  • Practical Advice
    Based on Cathy’s real-life learning and experience over 30 years, you will get advice to help you kickstart your business and avoid the pitfalls often associated with those new to consulting.
  • Enhanced Confidence
    Gain confidence in your ability to market your services and to succeed in your new endeavor.
  • Free FIZZ
    Get a copy of FIZZ! How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant (2019) with much more detail on selling, managing projects, and dealing with issues that crop up.


Simply send an email or call 952-831-4131 in the United States. Cathy will follow up with you within 48 hours to answer your questions and schedule your next step as appropriate.

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