Avoid drains on time and energy

Managing Your Work and Workload

Can you succeed as a consultant and have a balanced life as well?

It’s been said that starting a business is like having a half-time job – eight to eight every day! While people can fall into that kind of lifestyle especially early on, it IS possible to have a balanced life-style – as long as you are willing to put structure into your business and meaningful boundaries in your life.

By the end of our work together, you will know what you need to do for yourself, and the conversations you need to have with your clients and the people around you to have a balanced life.

Virtual or in-person consultations on YOUR terms


  1. Learn what it takes to set up a client engagement well to succeed – your role and responsibilities, their roles and responsibilities, and clearly define mutual expectations.
  2. Balance your workload by “scheduling like a doctor” to avoid last minute rushes and burn-out, maintain cash flow, and give you time to have a life.
  3. Learn when and how to contract out non-essential work that drains your time and energy.
  4. Learn how to set boundaries with family, friends, clients, and associates to ensure that you are focusing your attention correctly for good work-life balance.

What You Get

  • Practical Advice
    Learn practical tips and techniques for structuring your work to both succeed professionally and achieve a work-life balance that suits your personal goals.
  • Sample documents, methods, and processes that you can adapt to your own business
    You will get material that you tailor in working with others to set mutual expectations, structure the work, and facilitate mutual feedback in working together for mutual success.
  • New Insights
    By the end of your one-on-one sessions with Cathy, you should walk away with the ability to actualize what you learned.
  • Free FIZZ
    Get a copy of FIZZ! How to Succeed as an Independent Consultant (2019) with much more detail on managing cashflow, scheduling like a doctor, and dealing with problems as they crop up.


Simply send an email or call 952-831-4131 in the United States. Cathy will follow up with you within 48 hours to answer your questions and schedule your next step as appropriate.

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