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C. M. Perme and Associates, LLC, engages leaders from CEO to supervisor to act in the face of change. Since its establishment in 1990, C.M. Perme and Associates, LLC has brought its unique brand of knowledge and expertise to hundreds of businesses and organizations. Our specialties include defining, initiating, and guiding change; integrating diverse stakeholders and specialties to get the job done; assessing troubled projects and organizations and determining the critical path to turn them around.

Cathy Perme
Catherine M. (Cathy) Perme is a change agent with deep experience in organizational and culture change, who has been changed personally as a result of the work she has done! Cathy’s background includes nearly thirty years of experience in organizational consulting as the owner and president of a regional consulting firm located in Minneapolis, MN. Her firm, C. M. Perme & Associates LLC, has helped hundreds of organizations, from two-person firms to multinational corporations, to focus clearly, organize effectively, and act with courage.

Cathy enjoys working with all levels of an organization, from line workers to CEOs. She believes that we all have the opportunity to “take the lead” in both our professional and personal lives and offers practical advice on how to do that, as well as when to back off and why.

Cathy’s associates are successful business people selected for skills that complement hers and values that she shares. As the project manager, Cathy works with a client to understand the business issues and to determine the consulting skills needed for success. She then forms a team and subcontracts with associate consultants to provide a full-service solution. Clients get the benefit of a broad range of expertise without the overhead typically associated with a large consulting firm.

Catherine Perme

Cathy Perme

“Highly skilled leadership in leading a complex group through a difficult change.”
-- Client Feedback

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