We are Active Consulting Partners with the following organizations, bringing you the very best resources in:

Changing Organizational Culture: Human Synergistics, Inc.

We have been using the tools created by Human Synergistics to assess organizational culture and effectiveness since the mid-1990s. Their research and tools are second to none in identifying what makes organizational cultures effective and what levers to pull for the greatest change. In addition, their research and tools now include 360˚ assessments for managers and leaders that identify their impact on culture, and what they can personally do to develop the culture that they want to create. We are part of the Global Change Circle, providing consulting services to Human Synergistics’ clients in assessing organizational culture assessments, developing roadmaps for change, and also teach in their certification classes for new practitioners.


Creating the Future: Future Search Network

Future Search is an interactive planning process used world-wide in diverse cultures to achieve shared goals and fast action. Future Search leads to cooperative planning that lasts for years. We are part of this world-wide network offering Future Search processes and training to public sector, non-profits, and NGOs for whatever they can afford to pay.

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Public Safety Innovation: UMCPI

The Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute (UMCPI) provides consulting and training to communities and law enforcement agencies throughout the Upper Midwest. The Institute is committed to innovative and effective policing based on the principles of public accountability, community partnerships, and collaborative problem solving. We support their efforts by organizational development assistance on their consulting teams.


Dealing with Complexity: Human Systems Dynamics Institute (HSDI)

The field of human systems dynamics takes off where other fields fall short, by applying complexity science to the systems we create as human beings – whether organizational, political, familial, or community-based. The Human Systems Dynamics Institute provides consulting, training, research, and development for organizations and individuals to address the challenges of working and living in a fast-changing, chaotic world. We are certified professionals in Human Systems Dynamics and a part of the Institute’s consulting network.


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